About Chris Melançon

Chris Melançon

Chief Executive Officer


Chris is a lifetime entrepreneur with expertise in the life sciences, information technology and small-scale agriculture. Before joining InvVax in 2017, Chris was leading the operations of a 12-acre regenerative farmstead in Sonoma, California with his wife, Lori.

Chris started his professional career in the U.S. Army as a light infantry officer after earning a degree in mechanical engineering from West Point. Upon leaving the Army and earning a MBA from Tulane University, he was a product manager for Citibank’s online banking platform and product marketing director at a B2B ecommerce start-up that was acquired in October 2000 by Siebel Systems, now Oracle Corporation. Chris then earned an additional degree in applied physics while working in a molecular biology laboratory. In 2004, he joined Applied Biosystems, a division of Life Technologies, where he promoted a comprehensive solutions-based approach to delivering early warning systems for biological surveillance. In response to increasing global concern about a potential influenza pandemic, he launched a multi-year initiative to deliver state-of-the-art tests in over 60 countries for influenza surveillance and detection.

In 2008, Chris founded a company, Spyglass Technologies, focused on delivering sensors and software for the biochemical surveillance of aquatic environments. He currently serves on the boards of Spyglass and Think Blue Data, Ltd, a data visualization company based in Bangkok, Thailand.

Chris is an experienced beekeeper, apprentice falconer and endurance athlete.